Paid Surveys India – Join Best Paying Survey Sites for FREE and Earn Money Online in India

Paid Surveys India: List of Best Paying Indian Survey Sites

Paid surveys are a great way to earn some extra money on the side and the beauty of it is that there is no investment required. You set your own pace, pick your favorite survey sites and over time you’re reward balance will increase.

There’s no stocking, shipping, dealing with customers. Just you. And many survey sites are so much more than just taking some surveys but we’ll get to that shortly. I wanted to take a few minutes and point out a few things that will help you make the most of your survey taking and perhaps help you earn at a faster rate as well.


You’ll find that by signing up to more than one site that you’ll receive more survey invitations, leverage out your good and bad periods and can also begin to pick out the better performing sites. Start by registering at five paid survey sites that look promising, maybe more if you have more time to devote. Try to work on these sites for an equal amount of time each week giving each site an equal chance. Also try to keep a mental note of how often you get accepted or not to their surveys. It’s natural to get denied sometimes, companies occasionally want input from a certain demographic but if it seems that you are always getting denied, take note of that.

Now at the end of 30 days take a look at these sites and see how much points or money you have accrued with each of them. You’ll have ups and downs but you’ll begin to get a feel for the sites that produce and the ones that don’t. The ones that aren’t producing you put aside and replace with a new site always keeping that five site minimum at least.


Taking the time to get your computer or laptop ready for survey taking will make things go much smoother with a lot less frustration. Here are some quick tips to get you going:

E-Mail Account(s) – You’re not going to want to use your main personal email account for taking surveys so create a main one with Yahoo, Gmail or some other free email service. Use this account for signing up to the sites. As time progresses you may also want to create additional email addresses to use. The reason for this is because many sites will often ask you to participate in the same survey. The survey may reject you if a user has already taken that particular survey with that email address. So create a few to use on the actual surveys when they ask for your email address and you’ll be able to participate in more surveys.

Get a PayPal Account – This step isn’t necessary but if you want to get paid easily, you need a PayPal. Yes there are other sites but PayPal is by far the most popular and far faster then waiting for a check to get mailed. Also, make sure you get verified with PayPal and also get their debit card so you have quick and easy access to your money. Again, this is all free to do.

Pick Your Browser (And Stick With It) – Again, this is personal preference but I choose Firefox here. I am a Google Chrome lover but there is a very popular survey site that has a section that I can only get to load with Firefox. I get a blank screen with IE and Chrome. So whichever browser you choose, stick with it and organize your bookmarks so you have quick access to your email, survey sites, PayPal, etc. Being organized saves you time, time you can be spending on earning.

Clean Cookies – Some surveys will issue you a cookie which is a small text file sent through your browser that lets the survey companies know that you have taken a particular survey before. The best fix for this is by download CCleaner from Piriform by clicking HERE. It’s completely free and you should run the cleaner at least each day if not each time you go to a different survey site. The nice thing about CCleaner is that it offers the option of not deleting cookies and login info from popular sites like your email accounts so you don’t need to login each time.


Many survey sites also have additional ways to earn money. These are great ones to add to your list. In addition to the surveys some sites may pay you to look at an email, watch a video or do a search. Look for sites with referral programs for extra bonuses when you invite your family or friends. These extra ways of earning really add up over time.


Companies know that some people will try to speed click through the survey to complete it as quickly as possible. DO NOT do this. Often times they will ask a random silly question or the same question twice to see if you are actually paying attention or not. If they suspect you aren’t, they will not qualify you for the survey and you don’t get credit for it.


The trade off for how easy it is to make money taking surveys is that it takes a little longer. It’s not a get rich quick and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

But if you sign up for multiple sites, dedicate a certain amount of time each week and stick with it, you WILL make money. Good luck and happy survey taking!


Below is a list of paid survey sites that are open for Indian residents:

  1. AWWRO India
  2. Opinion World India
  3. Toluna India
  4. Valued Opinions India
  5. Surveysavvy
  6. Global Test Market
  7. Viewfruit India

All the above survey panels are 100% free to join. Please note that all of the above panels are double opt in survey panel, that means you have to confirm your email id after joining each of them else you will not receive any survey invitation.

Give it a go and see how it goes. All the best. Happy earning extra money on the side using paid surveys in India.